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Amending previous review

Re-installed it and finally got it running, so now I can give it a proper rating. If you find it doesn’t work, try re-installing, and you may have to turn the mic on (and off again) in the systems preference for some reason. Finally, however, it acquiesced. Still playing with it, but definitely worth the trouble.

Wow Just Realized it's Universal!

Saw Dougs review video at the Sounttestroom YouTube site and wow! Great delay app! Thanks! Highly recommended app! MM4C

Very cool delay effect...

I can get some very cool delay and delay pitch efx with this app...using it on both left and right channels on a song for rhythmic efx and sounds awesome....5 stars!


Yes Very welcome update with AB and IAA...and now Landscape! Thanks!

Gr8 App. But....

Needs to have the audiobus icons and would like to have a horizontal view. Thanks.

so much creative fun

I love this app for guitar. You need an iRig or other iPhone interface to use it properly, though with AudioBus or IAA you can route audio internally. Once plugged in, you can zone out for hours making wild ambient sounds and hypnotic delay effects. It's very unique in that each of the 4 delayed sounds can be pitch shifted. Play one note, hear another back. And it's polyphonic, so chords are pitch-shifted too. Setting the delay to zero gives you a harmonizer. No intelligent harmony though. Wonder if that's possible in a future update? Anyway, I think my favorite feature is the Loop function in the master delay, where changing the tempo or delay time gives you wild, analog delay effects. Really amazing possibilities for creative expression. And now it is Audiobus and IAA compatible. Sweet!

Great update!

Thank you for adding Audiobus and IAA, this app is infinately more useful to me now!

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